All Lab staff will gather together about once a week for training or “track days,” as we like to call them. Each of the three tracks (urban theology, contextual spirituality and cultural intelligence) has a staff coordinator who either facilitates the sessions themselves or invites qualified individuals to lead.

Want to know more about what you will be learning? Here’s a glimpse of what the tracks are all about:

Urban Theology
Why should we care about the city? What does scripture say about the city? Develop your theology and sociology of the city, as well as your understanding of the city as a living system with unique challenges.

Through reading, interactive discussions and real-life examples, this track will stamp more significance on your everyday experiences in Berlin.

Contextual Spirituality
How does God work in our lives? How should a Christian practice faith on a daily basis? How can I help others grow in their relationship with God? What hinders spiritual progress? How can I make faith a part of my friendships? How do my surroundings impact my experience of God? What impact does culture have on how we live out our faith?

Through practical assignments and time for reflection and sharing, this track cultivates your personal awareness of— and response to— the truth that God is always with us.

Cultural Intelligence
How do I avoid making major cultural faux pas? How do I relate to people who are unlike me? How can I make sense of what I’m feeling in a foreign land? This track helps you to navigate the transition to a new culture and be enriched by the differences.

Using the cultural intelligence approach, you’ll develop a model for cultural learning and growth based on your strengths, equipping you to relate to any culture or subculture you encounter.