Trek 7[2]The 2014 Trek7 team got off to a quick start in Berlin. In just a few short weeks, the young foursome has seen and done a little bit of everything.

They describe Berlin as huge, vibrant, multicultural and diverse, even in just how the city is laid out.

“I love how we’re in Köpenick, and there’s this beautiful park next to us, and it is so green,” says Trek7 participant Amy. “Then you go to Neukölln, and it is a total city feel. I like that all of this is in one place.”

They have come alongside various ministries, working on projects like fixing up an old ship that will be used as housing, tilling gardens and painting walls.

“We’ve been in almost every single neighborhood in the city meeting people, helping people there,” says another participant Kai. “It’s been cool.”

But perhaps more enriching has been time spent with people – passers-by on the streets, elderly in the nursing home and children of refugees at a shelter.

When they were at a Salvation Army café, an older gentleman named Uwe challenged them to a game of Parcheesi, which none of them knew how to play. He didn’t speak any English, so he would gesture and ask others to come translate.

“He still had a desire to get to know us and wanted to know about our lives, even thought we couldn’t tell him from our own mouths,” Amy says. “He was so interested and grateful that we were there. That was really amazing to see.”

The group has also been learning from guest speakers and teachers from various organizations and ministries around Berlin. They have been inspired by the love these leaders have for the city and its inhabitants and ultimately God’s love for the people both here in Berlin and globally.

“I’m learning a lot about God’s love and how truly expansive it is,” says Trek7 participant Karenna. “It’s not limited to just one kind of person or one area of the world. It’s got everyone in it. And He loves everyone with such a passion.”

The team is spending a week in Bern before heading back to the German capital to finish out their seven-week trek.

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Danielle is a Charrette | Berlin alum.
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