interdependenceInterdependence is built into the character of God and reflected in the world around us.

Can you think of anything God created that is independent rather than interdependent? From ecosystems, weather, human bodies and molecular structures to a triune God – all function interdependently.

Cities also reflect this interdependence with many interrelated, interdependent parts. Each part operates within a highly complex living system, coexisting and rarely operating autonomously.

Although it may feel like our decisions, behaviors and choices do not impact others in a city, we are deeply connected.

Independence is an illusion. We must consider how we affect others and move toward one another if we want to see significant change in our cities.

Still unsure? Consider the visual picture below.

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Katie is fascinated by culture and was drawn to the unique atmosphere of Berlin in 2013. You might see her in Friedrichshain, chatting with her local Späti owner or chasing after the M10 tram.
Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Cities, Collaboration, Interdependence, Living Systems
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