Dynamics of Change

Cities are dynamic places.

The cities of the world capture the essence of humanity – moving, changing, becoming more and more diverse. Berlin’s inhabitants represent more than 190 nationalities and even more ideologies. Subcultures emerge within the culture and subcultures within subcultures. In some way, there is a place for everyone. Everyone belongs. People find themselves in the city.

This context creates a dynamic environment where nearly nothing remains static.

The urban world consists of people living in close proximity to one another, creating population density and embodying a wide spectrum of diversity. This constantly evolving context requires adaptation. Diverse people living alongside each other produces the perfect conditions for creativity and innovation.

A complex urban world creates complex issues. Out-of-the-box thinking is required to find effective solutions. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all problem-solving. Solutions must be constantly tried on for size and altered to fit the changing context. This is the Charrette value of dynamic.

If we want to be effective in the urban world, we must see change as positive.

As urban dwellers, are we willing to take an honest look at the effectiveness of our approaches on any given issue? Are we willing to throw out our preferred method if another one might be more relevant to the context? Are we willing to join with people of different backgrounds to explore new ideas together?

This is a city on the move. We must be as dynamic as our city, letting go of ineffective methods to meet emerging challenges.

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With a degree in Urban Theology and a compassion for people, Mike's love for the city is contagious. He can be found running along the Spree River in his spare moments.
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