8 September

More in Common Than I Thought

Ever since the day I hit Berlin soil on September 12, 2013, my mind and soul have been whirring. In every moment there is something new to process, to take in, to experience, to pray about, to understand. Whether it be learning the German language, understanding one of many cultures in Berlin, discovering our team […]

6 January

Mall of Berlin—or Mall of Shame?

A failing mall adds fuel to the passionate debate about Berlin nightlife, cultural enterprise and the evolving nature of a recovering city. This pithy article from The Atlantic’s City Lab gives context for the controversy and reveals concerns many have about the direction of Berlin’s emerging urban identity. In Berlin, a Shopping Mall’s Flop Leads to […]

17 June

Finding My Place in Berlin

Around the time I first arrived, my team leader challenged me to find a spot in the city that could serve as a reminder of why I was here and be a place of solace on tough days. I love color, so it seemed natural to choose something vivid. Something that could stand in contrast […]

19 March