When young adults take church trips to other countries, they usually think about all the ways that they are going to help and make a difference in the lives of others.

For Trek7 participant Amy, her experience was, unexpectedly, quite the opposite. The local leaders and Christians, who actually wanted to take the time to invest in her and build into her life, blew her away.

“It’s really rare to have people, especially people that you’ve known for like a day, just invest in you so much,” she says. “And really they have so much love and passion for you, even when they don’t know you.”

Often after service projects, they would go out for dinner with whomever they had been working with to hang out and chat.

“That’s really nice because you get to deepen that connection that sometimes when you’re working you don’t really have time to dive into,” she says.

Amy was most inspired by hearing the stories of those doing ministry in Berlin  – stories of people who left their old lives, started at nearly nothing and have persevered in the face of numerous obstacles to see the realization of their God-given dreams.

Their dreams have awakened Amy’s own dream to start a project that would build into the lives of pre-adolescent and adolescent girls, helping them to see their value and worth during these formative years.

This renewed outlook and motivation to engage faith to create positive change is at the core of the Trek7 program.

“Developing the next generation of leaders is very important to us,” says Mike, the ReachGlobal team leader in Berlin. “We want to see how they can live out their spiritual beliefs by engaging with social issues and people in need within their cities.”

This value isn’t anything new to Mike, as it is also one of the stances of Charrette|Berlin. He knows that to contribute to positive change, Christians must think about social and spiritual engagement differently.

Mike knows that short-term investments have long-term gains. He himself is a testament. His love of the church came from his first pastor. His ability to plan strategically came from his first corporate boss. His love of the city came from a church planter that he partnered with for several years.

Amy was infected with a new love and passion for the urban world and took back a renewed faith and passion for what God has called her to do.

“Their love for the city and the people of the city – it’s contagious,” Amy says. “Having them sow into us and have so much faith in us and what we want to do was completely inspiring.”

Would you consider spending your summer with Trek7 in Berlin? Like Amy, you might find yourself surprisingly encouraged to give back after an intense seven weeks of serving.

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Danielle is a Charrette | Berlin alum.
Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in Berlin, Collaboration, Trek7
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