Does this look like a picture of a world-class, cosmopolitan city to you? Probably not.

I shot this panorama from a local bridge where I like to run. It doesn’t reflect the modernity of Berlin like these photos of Berlin do, but, for me, it gives an unpolished glimpse of a city in progress.

Berlin is a constantly changing city – in ways that no one ever anticipated. 

Vibrant expressions of life emerge where confinement and restriction once dominated. Collaboration, growth and innovation overshadow division and stagnancy.

Not many expected this kind of transformation in Berlin. Not many believed that history would get a reboot – that a fresh start would be possible. Even for many Berliners, the impossible happened.

And the impossible continues to happen everyday as the city rebuilds.

It may not look like much upon first glance. The images may not grace postcards. Some may never notice, but the impossible is happening.

We don’t need to see the finished product to know that God is at work now. He is already doing the impossible.

Not convinced?

In September, six young adults landed in Berlin to learn about the city and serve in a local ministry — for a year or longer (most with our L3 Project). And these 20-somethings are not in Berlin to party like many foreigners their age. They spend many weekends and late nights investing in the lives of others – like the prostituted women on Kurfürstenstraße or youth on the former east side.

That doesn’t just happen. The impossible, possible.

Prayer networks with pastors and lay leaders are uniting across denominational lines, asking God for transformation in their neighborhood. Together.

That doesn’t just happen. The impossible, possible.

I’m convinced that God can do the impossible in Berlin. Why? Because He is.

About the Author

Katie is fascinated by culture and was drawn to the unique atmosphere of Berlin in 2013. You might see her in Friedrichshain, chatting with her local Späti owner or chasing after the M10 tram.
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