“Berlin remains an island, a last refuge, a place of resistance and belonging fomany different people.”

People come to Berlin to be themselves. The city has a reputation for giving people a safe place to be who they are. The resulting convergence of differing lifestyles, political leanings, worldviews and loyalties is rivaled by few other global cities.

How do we enter the conflict and complexity of a multicultural and multi-everything society? How can we reach out to people with such distinct backgrounds? How do we express the gospel in this context?

The answers to those questions are not found in one solution. There is not one uniform way to connect the gospel with the mosaic of challenges and people that make up Berlin. We must be diverse and dynamic in our methods.

Sincerely caring starts by getting to know people and empathizing with their situations. This post by Stuart Bruan, “In Berlin, outsiders are insiders,” provides insight on how people relate to each other here.

How can you relate and reach out to your neighbors in your city?

Photo credit: Norbert Blech

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Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in Berlin, Diversity, Dynamic
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