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Operation World is the go-to resource for those with a heart to see the gospel take root around the world. Written by Patrick Johnstone, it is an informative and insightful guide that has mobilized prayer and inspired generations of cross-cultural workers to help fulfill the Great Commission.

In March, Johnstone released a new book, along with Dean Merrill, called Serving God in Today’s Cities. We don’t know if this book will be as influential as his previous research and writing, but we are also convinced that the world is becoming more urban and share their passion to mobilize the church to reach cities.

In an interview by Ed Stetzer, Merrill was asked about his motivation for writing the book. “Motivation? The numbers! Cities all over the world are growing faster than most of us realize, to the point that the planet will be 90 percent urban by the end of this century. Now, the premise of the book is that this is not a headache; it’s a divine opportunity. We may feel overwhelmed by this surge of humanity—but God isn’t.”

Merrill continues, “Oddly enough, the first step is simply to start praying for our city. We’re not saying that just to sound pious. Urban ministry demands prayer. None of us is smart enough or well-funded enough to make headway without it.”

We echo Merrill’s request for prayer and ask that you join us in praying for Berlin and the world’s cities. You can help fulfill the Great Commission with us by praying for:

  • Christians to have a biblical view of the city
  • More workers: short-term and long-term
  • Local Christians to move into the city and live out their faith
  • Unity among Christian leaders and churches
  • Vision for church planting
  • Ministries that focus on the poor and marginalized in cities
  • Ministries that reach spheres of the city that have no gospel presence
  • Adequate funding for individuals and ministries (cities are expensive!)

For more on the shift to cities and what it means for the church, read the rest of the interview with Merrill on Ed Stetzer’s blog “The Exchange.”

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