Kurfürsentstraße is essentially the red light district of Berlin. No matter what time of day you walk down this street you see women trying to catch the eye of potential clients. Many of the women here are from Eastern Europe, mostly Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, and many others are German women that have a bad drug addiction.


Since I’ve started working at NeuStart, a café that serves and ministers to prostituted people, I have learned so much about prostitution in Germany. I’ve also been blessed to start building relationships with some of the women that come into the café.


One woman in particular is Kathrin,* a young German mother addicted to meth, who has had an escalating drug addiction for 10 years. After she told me her story, I asked her, “Kann ich mit dir beten?” (Can I pray with you?). She nodded her head yes and then grabbed my hands. I prayed for her, her son and that God would help her overcome her addiction. When I finished she hugged me and thanked me, kissed me on the cheek and then left.


Other women in the café saw this and then before they left they also hugged me. Normally the women don’t hug me or pay much attention to me since I’m new and they aren’t sure if they can trust me yet. But this felt like my first breakthrough.


It can be hard to see where God is in all that occurs on the street. From the window of the café I can watch the women and it breaks my heart when one of them I know walks away with a client. But He is there. He is working on the street and in the café.


*Name has been changed to protect and honor her identity.


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Diedre has a passion for music and justice and compassion for those around her. Studying German, laughing, singing and searching for a good cup of coffee keep her well occupied.
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