Kunstprojekt Neustart 10.8.15

Rebecca (fourth from the left) pictured here with visiting artists and volunteers at the Café in August, when the artists offered to paint portraits of the women and transvestites.

Ever since the day I hit Berlin soil on September 12, 2013, my mind and soul have been whirring. In every moment there is something new to process, to take in, to experience, to pray about, to understand. Whether it be learning the German language, understanding one of many cultures in Berlin, discovering our team dynamics or understanding each individual person and how they see the world.

I have learned how deeply diverse our God is. I have learned how creative He is in His ways; I have seen Him reflected in the creative people of Berlin. I have learned how rich His word is—I have seen His promises hold true and remain secure through the trials in my life and in the context of our team. And I receive sweet new revelation from the Spirit as God´s word comes alive in my daily life.

I have learned who I am in Christ Jesus. There is no such thing as a model Christian. If we think that, then we are likely not as deeply in communion with the Father as we think! What I mean by this is that we each have our own destiny, our own specific God-given purpose that God is calling us to fulfill and that only each individual can fulfill. God´s creativity does not fit in a mold. As Christians, we are to share the Gospel and make disciples, but how the Great Commission looks in practices is so wildly unique. Its shape is dependent on how God has wired you, your context, your awareness of His shaping, and your obedience to His shaping.

I realized that my constant fascination with what other Christians were doing was unhealthy. I would feel inadequate and was constantly wavering. I was distracted, jumping from one ministry to the next depending on what I had read, seen or heard rather than being deeply rooted in my calling, as God wants me to. Satan is the distractor. God is the guide.

In these past two years, Jesus has become more real to me. He is my savior. My dragon slayer. My Lord. My protector. My refuge. My shoulder. My example. My anchor. My rock. My teacher. My best friend. These “clichés” go beyond words. Behind each of these titles is a story of Jesus´ presence and working in my life these past 2 years in Berlin.

At the Café that serves as a drop-in center for prostituted people, I have learned how much I had in common with the women on the streets. We both long for intimacy. We both long to be understood, to be known. We both seek to find our identity. We both are very prone to make bad decisions when our needs are not being met. We both need God. So, so desperately need God. We both need to surrender the Holy Spirit, so that He may do His work and transform our lives in righteousness. We both need to hear the Gospel and to know that we are loved by God with an undying love—a resurrected love. I never would have realized this, had I not been there in regular contact with them through this café ministry.

I have learned a lot during these past two years in Berlin and I am excited to say that God is calling me to stay in Berlin with my team (at least) one more year. Thank you, GoCorps, for making these past two years possible.

Up next: Berlin, Germany, Year 3.  I wouldn´t have it any other way.


Rebecca serves with ReachGlobal in Berlin through a partnership with GoCorps, a program to mobilize young adults for service internationally using their college degree.




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