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Why Berlin is Leading the Way for Entrepreneurs


The startup scene in Berlin is drawing a lot of international attention—for a few good reasons. Here are some poignant observations from Julie Meyer on the growing startup scene in Berlin and the influence it could have globally:



“It’s bold, ambitious and really starting to like its place in the world. Entrepreneurs from around the European continent are settling there and it has an air of Zeitgeist about it.”


“More so than London, Berlin’s emergence as a tech centre indicates that Europeans are trying to create a unique Internet identity and framework for the digital world.”


“…Berlin also has another face, and that’s the one that appears to be deeply uncomfortable with what is coming out of Silicon Valley.”


“…European entrepreneurs are the ones to watch these days due to their unbelievable ambition and drive.”


“There are a whole host of new venture funds and individuals who have created this new Berlin.”




For the complete article, see Why Berlin is Leading the Way for Entrepreneurs by Julie Meyers on November 28, 2014.



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