I hear very different perspectives on refugees coming into Berlin. I will meet one person that feels very strongly about helping those who are in search of a new home and the same day I will talk to someone that doesn’t even want to hold a conversation with a refugee.

Walking in the city, though, I found “Refugees Welcome” spray-painted on the sides of two different buildings. Both are written on the side of a building. I took a picture from two perspectives so you can see each in their context.



What does this say about Berlin?  What does this reflect about the diverse perspectives on refugees? Is it significant that one is not easily read or accessed? Are these words sending different messages—or the same? Seems like I need to keep asking, listening … and looking around.

What are the messages being shared in your neighborhood? What is being said through graffiti, posters, billboards, bumper stickers or litter? Are the messages simply reflecting a popular sentiment—or taking a stand in a controversial debate?


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Music is always heard around Kelsey. She might be singing, playing the ukulele or organizing others to share their music at an open-mic café in Neukölln. She also enjoys photography and a great cup of Chai Tea.
Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Berlin
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