Beriln crowdDiversity is a core Charrette value and one we regularly discuss. It doesn’t just define Charrette – it also defines Berlin. What does urban diversity look like on an everyday basis? Here are a few firsthand accounts from those living in different sectors of the capital.

“I think no one in our family is experiencing diversity to a greater degree each day than our daughters in local public schools. Our oldest is in high school and her Willkommensklassen (“Welcome Classes” for students learning German) is composed of immigrant students from Estonia, Brazil, Iceland, Russia, Kenya, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Ukraine and South Korea! Wow! She is the only North American student.”

– Brian, 43

“To say that Berlin is unique would be a massive understatement. As I am getting to know the city, mainly where I live and go to school, I see things every day that surprise me. It could be overwhelming to try to know everything about an area of the city, but it is fun to find places that make you curious enough to return.”

– Kelsey, 25

“Berlin’s diversity is a key component that drew my heart to this city. While diversity is a component of most cities, it is particularly true of Berlin. Kinderwelten is one way Berlin has taught children to adapt to diversity.”

– Eric, 41

“There is the lively, diverse and entrepreneurial side of Berlin that I have come to love and where I feel at home  – 190 nationalities, students and scholars, creative types pursuing artistic endeavors, families figuring out life, businesspeople, techies, hipsters, punks, politicians and more. The innovative and open atmosphere that this milieu of people create is energizing.”

– Katie, 36

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The Charrette Communications Team works collaboratively to provide relevant, insightful content on the six Charrette values that guide urban ministry in Berlin.
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