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Cities influence the world.

Read anything about the future of society, and you will likely hear about a world that is becoming increasingly more urban.

For instance, it is estimated that over the next 30 years, urban populations in the majority world will increase by 5.5 million people each month, according to the United Nations Population Division. This is the equivalent of a new San Francisco Bay area being created every month.

This presents a tremendous challenge for those who seek to see transformation in cities. To be effective in an urban context, we cannot simply refine what we have learned in suburban or rural settings.

We must adapt our way of thinking as we work in urban centers.

Charrette is not a new strategy, nor is it an organization or coalition. Charrette represents a new posture toward the urban world.

Einstein is attributed with the quote, “Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We have to move beyond methods (how we do things) and strategies (how we plan things) to discover a different outlook. To create original concepts, we must first examine our values. Once we have deeply understood values, we can let these drive our creativity and open pathways to fresh ideas.

Values are the core of Charrette.

Charrette is held together by shared values. The urban world is intricately multi-faceted and requires a customized approach.

We cannot expect the same methods and strategies to address all the complexity that defines the urban world. By uniting around values, we acknowledge and encourage the diversity that each context requires while still knowing that we are in alignment and support one another.

Charrette unites around the city by mobilizing people, ideas and resources.

A way of thinking remains philosophical unless it results in practical action. The scope and sum of opportunities in a city of influence like Berlin are remarkable.

The goal of Charrette is to mobilize people and resources, in order that we might humbly and effectively come alongside constructive endeavors of all kinds in greater Berlin.

Read the Charrette stories, and you will begin to see what this looks like in practice.

We believe that God is writing a unique narrative in Berlin, and, like you, desire to embrace our role in God’s larger meta-story. We invite you into Charrette.


Photo by Tanweer Morshed

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With a degree in Urban Theology and a compassion for people, Mike's love for the city is contagious. He can be found running along the Spree River in his spare moments.
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