29 March

On the Street, In the Cafe

Kurfürsentstraße is essentially the red light district of Berlin. No matter what time of day you walk down this street you see women trying to catch the eye of potential clients. Many of the women here are from Eastern Europe, mostly Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, and many others are German women that have a bad […]

26 January

The Unique Angles of Celebration

There are no shortages of things to celebrate here in Berlin. You need not look far to find something to celebrate. Since being here I have or have known people who have celebrated things like: Poetry – celebrating local poets by listening to their work Music – celebrating the wonder of original songs at open […]

15 January

Look Around

We want to connect you with resources reflecting current thinking on the urban world. This article by Jeff Fontain from Lausanne Global Analysis (Nov. 2014, Volume 3 / Issue 6) focuses on Europe but also reflects some of the Charrette postures that we believe are necessary to see transformation in cities around the world, such as: diverse […]

5 November

Day-to-Day Diversity

Diversity is a core Charrette value and one we regularly discuss. It doesn’t just define Charrette – it also defines Berlin. What does urban diversity look like on an everyday basis? Here are a few firsthand accounts from those living in different sectors of the capital. “I think no one in our family is experiencing diversity […]

29 September

Fully (Not Forcefully) Engaged

Being a part of Charrette means being fully engaged in the city. We are called to be active citizens. We don’t force ourselves on the city, but we do act with authentic passion, as we seek positive change. This poem by Rainer Maria Rilke expresses this hope better than we can. I believe in all […]