22 September

Snapshots of Berlin, vol. 1

The Trek7 team of young adults from the U.S. was asked to submit a photo or two that represented their summer in Berlin or something that impacted them about the city. This was Daniel’s submission, taken after serving with a partnering ministry that reaches out to those entering Berlin and living in temporary housing due […]

1 September

Another Posture to Avoid when Working in an Urban Center

  More Postures to Avoid when Working in an Urban Center 5. Readily adopt successful ministry ideas from other contexts. A common mistake is to adopt an external strategy, ministry or solution with only minor, superficial changes—or none at all. It is tempting to fully adopt it because the approach had a level of success […]

5 May

4 Postures to Avoid in the City

  Four Postures to Avoid when Working in an Urban Center 1. Assume you are the only one. We live in a city! There are hundreds or even thousands of others who care about the city and want to make a difference. Of course we bring our unique personalities, talents, experiences and organizational cultures, but […]

18 November

Waves of Ownership

Kerstin knows that life isn’t always smooth sailing. With her publishing and coaching company, Down to Earth, she provides Christian alternatives to New Age solutions for those who find themselves in stormy seas. When she turned 30, she heard a lecture about parenting that spoke to her. She realized that even though she was single, […]

23 September

Trek7 + Serve the City = Partners for Change

 For the second consecutive year, Trek7 partnered with Serve the City. Serve the City is a Christian volunteer movement that started a decade ago in Brussels and has spread to more than 90 cities on three continents. Christine, who coordinates Berlin’s Serve the City efforts, says that STC tries to make it easy for people […]

3 September

Top Five August Tweets

In case you’ve missed us on Twitter, here’s what’s been happening in the @Charrette Berlin Twittersphere. 1. An authentic Christian perspective: we do not come to the city to take; we come to the city to give. — Charrette | Berlin (@CharretteBerlin) August 19, 2014 2. Cities can be deceiving: we understand one part and think […]