13 May

Leading the Way

    Why Berlin is Leading the Way for Entrepreneurs   The startup scene in Berlin is drawing a lot of international attention—for a few good reasons. Here are some poignant observations from Julie Meyer on the growing startup scene in Berlin and the influence it could have globally:     “It’s bold, ambitious and […]

15 January

Look Around

We want to connect you with resources reflecting current thinking on the urban world. This article by Jeff Fontain from Lausanne Global Analysis (Nov. 2014, Volume 3 / Issue 6) focuses on Europe but also reflects some of the Charrette postures that we believe are necessary to see transformation in cities around the world, such as: diverse […]

13 November

Outside In

“Berlin remains an island, a last refuge, a place of resistance and belonging for many different people.” People come to Berlin to be themselves. The city has a reputation for giving people a safe place to be who they are. The resulting convergence of differing lifestyles, political leanings, worldviews and loyalties is rivaled by few other […]

7 November

The Wall of Light

Sometimes walking through Berlin is like walking through history. It was 53 years ago that construction of the Berlin Wall was completed, sealing the East-West German borders. It is hard for new residents to imagine what the severity, suddenness and finality of the border closing felt like. Twenty-five years later, on Nov. 9, 1989, history […]

29 October

16 Reasons Why Berlin is the Greatest European City

Many people have a hard time describing Berlin. Yet there are certain things that stand out to those who visit, those who have chosen to live here or those who have an ethereal affinity for this city. Here are 16 reasons why one blogger believes that Berlin is the greatest European city. We happen to […]

27 October

What a City Says

Each metropolis has its trademarks. Seattle has coffee and rain. Paris has the Eiffel Tower and baguettes. Los Angeles has Hollywood, endless summer and even more endless traffic jams. While these icons and stereotypes make the aforementioned cities famous, none of them lies at the heart of what drives each urban area. How can we […]

3 June

Is My Heart a Living System?

In a recent presentation to our team, the speaker, Bianca, challenged my thinking. She asked us: How is a city different from a toaster? Admittedly, the city is clearly not a toaster. It is not a piece of machinery but an integrated system of many organic systems – including its people. Characteristics of a Living System […]

13 May

Words Have Feelings, Too

“It’s not the word’s fault,” my German teacher said, as he explained to us why you shouldn’t say the word Führer. “When someone says it [Führer], this is all we think about,” he said, drawing a toothbrush moustache on his face with his index finger and making the “Heil, Hitler” gesture. In the dictionary, Führer […]