20 November

Cities Matter

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Here’s a short review of the book “Why Cities Matter.”

13 November

Outside In

“Berlin remains an island, a last refuge, a place of resistance and belonging for many different people.” People come to Berlin to be themselves. The city has a reputation for giving people a safe place to be who they are. The resulting convergence of differing lifestyles, political leanings, worldviews and loyalties is rivaled by few other […]

11 November

Believing Walls Will Fall

Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. As I celebrated with my family at the balloon release that evening, I realized that many things that are normal today would have been considered a utopian dream a quarter of a century ago. That I as a “Wessi” (a guy from West […]

7 November

The Wall of Light

Sometimes walking through Berlin is like walking through history. It was 53 years ago that construction of the Berlin Wall was completed, sealing the East-West German borders. It is hard for new residents to imagine what the severity, suddenness and finality of the border closing felt like. Twenty-five years later, on Nov. 9, 1989, history […]

5 November

Day-to-Day Diversity

Diversity is a core Charrette value and one we regularly discuss. It doesn’t just define Charrette – it also defines Berlin. What does urban diversity look like on an everyday basis? Here are a few firsthand accounts from those living in different sectors of the capital. “I think no one in our family is experiencing diversity […]

29 October

16 Reasons Why Berlin is the Greatest European City

Many people have a hard time describing Berlin. Yet there are certain things that stand out to those who visit, those who have chosen to live here or those who have an ethereal affinity for this city. Here are 16 reasons why one blogger believes that Berlin is the greatest European city. We happen to […]

15 September

How Berlin Has Ruined Living Anywhere Else

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Many people have fallen head-over-heels walking the streets of Berlin. But where does this love affair with the city start? Putting words to the elusive draw of Berlin can be a challenge. Here is one perspective that reveals a few of the city’s many charming qualities. Read “How Berlin has ruined living anywhere else.”