28 January

Welcoming the Refugee: A City Scrambling

Cities are often the first place refugees and asylum seekers land. Governments alone have trouble handling the influx of those in need and often welcome practical help from private organizations, including churches. Here is a closer look at the challenges Berlin faces as they stretch their resources and seek to welcome those from Africa and […]

16 December

Magnetism: Berlin as a Global Power City

A while ago we shared Forbes Top Ten list of the world’s most influential cities. Forbes recognizes that size is no longer the predominant factor for determining a city’s power. What matters today is influence and pull ­– which any city can have, regardless of size. Explore the Global Power City Index and see why Berlin now ranks as the […]

25 November

Green Space, Museums and Bridges (Oh My!)

Berlin is well-known for its history, the former wall and simply as the capital of Germany. But this is not all the city boasts. Did you know that: Berlin is Germany’s greenest city? Parks, woods, rivers, lakes and waterways cover 44 percent of the city. there are more than 180 museums in Berlin? The East […]

17 September

Four Surprising Facts About Berlin

Movies Berlin has more movie theaters per capita than any other German city with 97 theaters (visited by more than 12 million visitors annually). Volunteers Involvement in civil groups, community organizations and public forums has grown over the years. It is estimated that one in four Berliners take part in volunteer service. Parks Berlin has […]