10 February

Insanely Easy Ways to Understand Your City – #1

  Demographic studies, guidebooks, websites and informal conversations are a few tools we can use to understand the history, behaviors, values, or needs of urban centers. As students of the city, these tools are informative and helpful. Yet they are not the only resources we have to dig deeper into our cities and communities. Here […]

25 November

Green Space, Museums and Bridges (Oh My!)

Berlin is well-known for its history, the former wall and simply as the capital of Germany. But this is not all the city boasts. Did you know that: Berlin is Germany’s greenest city? Parks, woods, rivers, lakes and waterways cover 44 percent of the city. there are more than 180 museums in Berlin? The East […]

17 September

Four Surprising Facts About Berlin

Movies Berlin has more movie theaters per capita than any other German city with 97 theaters (visited by more than 12 million visitors annually). Volunteers Involvement in civil groups, community organizations and public forums has grown over the years. It is estimated that one in four Berliners take part in volunteer service. Parks Berlin has […]

1 April

The Red Car is Gone

Kantstraße from the third floor flat. Framing history through my view out the window. I see ornate structures restored. Others newly built. Rows of shops that make today’s Berlin – fresh-baked bread, amps and basses, buds and blossoms, antiques from an era gone by, Wiener Beisl next to Paris Bar and Restaurant. Who lives behind […]

28 February

Stay Salty, Berlin

I thought I understood ministry communications. Then I spent two months in Berlin asking the question, “How do I tell someone about this?” It’s really not a matter of substance. There’s plenty of fodder and activity to publish remarkable stories on a daily basis. Prostituted women are finding a café just for them on Kurfürstenstraße […]