29 March

On the Street, In the Cafe

Kurfürsentstraße is essentially the red light district of Berlin. No matter what time of day you walk down this street you see women trying to catch the eye of potential clients. Many of the women here are from Eastern Europe, mostly Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, and many others are German women that have a bad […]

26 March

Martin Luther, Oktoberfest or Fußball?

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What are your first thoughts of Germany? Many still associate Germany with the Reformation and consider it the center of modern Christianity. But things have changed. Germany no longer has the Christian influence it once did — mainly because it doesn’t actually believe what it once did. This insightful post by Derwin L. Gray explores the […]

19 March

The Shifting Donut

    The dynamic nature of cities pushes us to be continual learners. What was once true about a city ten years ago may not be true today. Neighborhoods change, demographics shift, industries are born or die out. In order to be effective in cities, we need to be students that seek to understand the […]

2 March

More than a Haircut

  Back in December I got my first haircut in Berlin. This made it around four months since my last haircut, and for me that is quite a while to wait. I had put it off for a number of reasons: being intimidated to speak German with the barber, not knowing what kind of barbershop […]

17 February

What You Don’t Know About Charrette (#1)

  #1 –  Charrette is Not a New Strategy   The diversity of the city necessitates many kinds of methods and approaches. One strategy for gospel transformation will not be effective in all parts of the city with people of different backgrounds, beliefs or behaviors. For example, there are at least six distinct approaches being […]

10 February

Insanely Easy Ways to Understand Your City – #1

  Demographic studies, guidebooks, websites and informal conversations are a few tools we can use to understand the history, behaviors, values, or needs of urban centers. As students of the city, these tools are informative and helpful. Yet they are not the only resources we have to dig deeper into our cities and communities. Here […]

3 February

Airports and Inefficiency

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“Berlin culture is what drew me here. Though it can be frustrating at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world.”* (*Quote in a recent USA Today article on Berlin’s airport project, Berlin’s Bungled Airport Belies German Efficiency.)     That is a common sentiment heard throughout Berlin from those like myself who have moved to […]

28 January

Welcoming the Refugee: A City Scrambling

Cities are often the first place refugees and asylum seekers land. Governments alone have trouble handling the influx of those in need and often welcome practical help from private organizations, including churches. Here is a closer look at the challenges Berlin faces as they stretch their resources and seek to welcome those from Africa and […]

26 January

The Unique Angles of Celebration

There are no shortages of things to celebrate here in Berlin. You need not look far to find something to celebrate. Since being here I have or have known people who have celebrated things like: Poetry – celebrating local poets by listening to their work Music – celebrating the wonder of original songs at open […]

21 January

Short-Term Investment, Long-Term Gains

When young adults take church trips to other countries, they usually think about all the ways that they are going to help and make a difference in the lives of others. For Trek7 participant Amy, her experience was, unexpectedly, quite the opposite. The local leaders and Christians, who actually wanted to take the time to […]