Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. As I celebrated with my family at the balloon release that evening, I realized that many things that are normal today would have been considered a utopian dream a quarter of a century ago.

That I as a “Wessi” (a guy from West Germany) would be married to an “Ossi”  (a wife from East (Ost) Germany) would have seemed impossible. That we could celebrate the fall together in Berlin with our kids who are simply Berliners – nobody would have thought that possible in the divided Germany I lived in during the 1980s.

That the parade route for political visitors like Fidel Castro and Ho-Chi-Minh, where only socialist party members were allowed to live, would become a meeting place for a church plant in Pankow.  This would have also seemed like a crazy fantasy.

Through prayer, all these seemingly impossible dreams have become reality. And they are only a few out of millions of destinies that have been shifted within this city’s dynamic history.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was nothing short of a miracle – a miracle that would not have been possible without prayer.

It was the Peaceful Revolution that brought the wall down where violence and sorrow were expected. It is this kind of positive outcome that comes from our unity in prayer.

Nevertheless, there are still physical and spiritual walls in this city and in the world. As Christians, we must continue to pray for walls to fall, for new life to be planted in unexpected places and for reconciliation to happen between people from all corners of the globe.

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Timo is a natural connector. He knows the people in his Pankow community and loves to serve as a pastor there, too.
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