18 December

(Almost) Anything Goes in Berlin

“Anything goes in Berlin.” This expression comes to life in the ways people dress, interact, live, work and play in the city. Yet those of us who live in Berlin know there are still exceptions. “Anything goes in Berlin, but we wait at the crosswalk for the light to change before crossing the street.” Watch […]

7 October

The Dynamics of Change

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Cities are dynamic places. The cities of the world capture the essence of humanity – moving, changing, becoming more and more diverse. Berlin’s inhabitants represent more than 190 nationalities and even more ideologies. Subcultures emerge within the culture and subcultures within subcultures. In some way, there is a place for everyone. Everyone belongs. People find themselves […]

10 September

The Diversity Difference

It is impossible to live in Berlin and not encounter diversity. When I step into the hall of my apartment building, I am confronted by the realities of the urban world. I hear the languages of my neighbors who have family backgrounds outside of Germany. When I walk out the front door onto the sidewalk, […]

1 July

A Call for [More] Collaboration

More than 180,000 people move from a rural area to a city every day. In the next four decades, one out of every two people will move from the countryside to the city. This global migration will generate challenges beyond our comprehension – challenges that will stretch us to collaborate with others well beyond our […]

19 May

Charrette: An Aerial View

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Cities influence the world. Read anything about the future of society, and you will likely hear about a world that is becoming increasingly more urban. For instance, it is estimated that over the next 30 years, urban populations in the majority world will increase by 5.5 million people each month, according to the United Nations […]

4 March

Get to Know the City

When I seek to understand a city, I try to balance three sources of input: written material (stories, history, studies, etc.), talking to people (first-hand understanding), and walking the streets (my own feeling, sensing, observing).

There are several categories, general and specific, that I seek to understand: