Charrette isn’t really an organization or a network. Some may think of Charrette as a coalition.

Mostly, Charrette is a mindset.

It’s a mindset centered around the good news by which God — in Jesus Christ — is actively redeeming cities for the ultimate flourishing of the inhabitants therein.

Charrette, borrowed from the urban planning industry, connotes a collaborative process whereby diverse stakeholders share and implement resources — both capital and intellect — to bring about a shared vision in a local context. Missional in posture, these partnerships end up not claiming anything as their own. All resources are mobilized for the single sake of the gospel.

Charrette’s vision is to cultivate 150 global partnerships working together to catalyze 100 gospel initiatives throughout Berlin, Germany in 10 years.

The stances

Charrette | Berlin positive changePOSITIVE CHANGE
A city is comprised of many interrelated social systems. What one part does (or doesn’t do) affects the whole. All of our efforts contribute to a better city for all.
Charrette | Berlin - missionalPRESENCE
Intentional mindsets, contextual biblical application, and authentic personal lifestyles leads us to be active citizens in, with and for the city.
We must work together to impact the city: coming alongside others, sharing ideas, people and resources around the city and the globe.
It takes many different and unique expressions to impact a city. Innovation and creativity is the natural by-product. And we love it.
Charrette | Berlin - dynamicDYNAMIC
A city is constantly changing. We must always be adapting in this evolving context, letting go of ineffective methods to meet emerging challenges.
Charrette | Berlin - gospel centeredGOSPEL-CENTERED
As Christian, faith-based organizations and individuals, we see the gospel of Jesus Christ as good news and hope for the city. Our beliefs are expressed in the Lausanne Covenant.