The world is moving to the city.

For the first time in history, the majority of the world's population is urban. That changes things.

Charrette | Berlin goals

Transforming the city

Charrette [shuh-ret] isn’t a network or an organization. It’s a way of thinking that promotes a missional posture toward, in and with the city of Berlin.

We believe God is mobilizing many diverse resources — people, ideas, and finances — from all around the world for the ultimate flourishing of this influential city. Learn more about Charrette »

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29 September

Write Off All Ideas from the Outside

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What Not To Do When Working in an Urban Center 6. Write off all outside help or ideas. This is the other opposite extreme to the blog post on the fifth posture (“Readily adopt successful ministry ideas from other contexts”) that isn’t helpful when working in an urban context.   This attitude assumes that NOTHING will work […]

22 September

Snapshots of Berlin, vol. 1

The Trek7 team of young adults from the U.S. was asked to submit a photo or two that represented their summer in Berlin or something that impacted them about the city. This was Daniel’s submission, taken after serving with a partnering ministry that reaches out to those entering Berlin and living in temporary housing due […]

15 September

Berlin: The Place to Be

Local leaders share about the unique environment Berlin offers businesses and residents:     “Berlin has a very important role in Europe, and that has become increasingly so … It draws people from all over the planet who work, who like working across boundaries.” “Berlin still feels like a raw place, not raw in the […]